WalkingPad C1 – White

The WalkingPad C1 is a foldable treadmill and is a compact solution for exercising at home. This treadmill offers an impressive combination of functionality and ease of use. The treadmill takes up very little space and when folded fits easily under a cupboard or sofa, or simply against the wall.

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Suitable for under desk

The WalkingPad C1 is equipped with a powerful motor that can reach a maximum speed of six kilometers per hour. This makes the treadmill extremely suitable for under a desk, so you can keep moving while working. The running surface of the treadmill is 120 by 42 centimeters, making it suitable for people of different body sizes. In addition, the strap of the WalkingPad is shock-absorbing, so that the workout can be performed comfortably.


One of the main advantages of the WalkingPad C1 is that the treadmill is foldable and can be easily stored when not in use. The treadmill is only 15 centimeters thick when folded, making it easy to store under a bed or in a closet. The WalkingPad is also equipped with wheels at the bottom, so that the light device of 22 kilos can be easily moved. The C1 is also the lightest WalkingPad in the range.

Tempo easily adjustable

There are several ways to control the treadmill. The WalkingPad C1 can be operated automatically, which means that the speed is increased when walking in the front, the pace of the treadmill is slowed down when walking at the end of the belt. When walking in the middle, the pace remains stable. The WalkingPad C1 also comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the speed. It is also possible to download the KS Fit App to adjust the pace.

Insight into the progress of the workout

The supplied remote control can be used not only to adjust the tempo. The remote control is equipped with an LCD display that keeps track of speed, distance and time. But you can also gain insight into this data via the KS Fit App.


The WalkingPad C1 has a folded size of 85.5 * 53 * 14.5 centimeters, which means that it can be easily stored, for example under a bed or in a cupboard. Unfolded, the C1 has a size of 144.9 * 53 * 14.6 centimeters.

Handy Specifications

  • Max 100kg
  • Unfolded: 1449 * 528 * 117mm
  • Folded: 855 * 528 * 145.5mm
  • Product Weight: 22kg
  • App: KS Fit
  • Running area: 1200*415mm

Max User Weight


Walking surface width (CM)




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WalkingPad C1 – White
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Availability: In stock

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